1. Billboard location – This will appear on the Invoice as provided

2. The size of the face of the advert panel – Confirmed via the corresponding emails and the Invoice.

3. The advert period – Confirmed via the corresponding emails and the Invoice. This period commences 21 days from the date of the Invoice, known as the campaign start date. In the event the poster or sign is erected earlier than the 21 days then that will be the commencement date.

3a. If the advertiser wishes a specific erection date, this will be confirmed on the Invoice

4. The Legal aspect and content of the Advertisers display is the reasonability of the advertiser. In the event that Reach Media believes that the display is illegal, inflammatory or misleading we have the right to remove.

5. Payment re your booking is in advance and the total amount is due upon your confirmation and our acceptance. Upon receiving your email confirmation our accounts dept will raise the Invoice for payment by return.

Ways to Pay

Reach Media accept Bacs, money order or other cash methods. Due to our payment by return policy we do not accept cheques or any form of delayed payment. Once your panel is booked, there is no cancelation. However we may agree to delay your display time under special circumstances

Printing of Your Artwork

Reach Media will arrange if required the printing of your artwork you will need to send us the copy via email or FTP as a PDF file, our art dept will forward specifications to your design team. A fee may be payable to print but this would have been confirmed in the Invoice and only sent to print once payment was received.

We Design and Print

If you require our design services we outsource this to another company, however we coordinate this for you. The fee is £275.00 plus VAT. This service is design only, if images or logos are required the advertiser will have to provide them in an acceptable format as described by our art dept.

Posting or Erecting Your Display

Reach Media only erect long lasting vinyl banners on all bookings this is for better quality display and longevity.

The Display

Reach Media will erect your display, in certain formats there may be a fee for the erection this would be agreed at point of Invoicing. We cannot be responsible for acts of God .We advise that the advertiser has a spare poster printed.

Entire Agreement

These terms represent the entire understanding and supersedes any prior agreement any alteration will be made in writing and agreed by all parties

Section headings are for ease of use only

Whereas, Reach Media is in the Business of leasing and renting its own outdoor space, we are not always the freeholder of the Land the structure is affixed too and we occasionally sell and promote other companies outdoor space.