Reach Out To Your Customers With High Impact Billboard Advertising

Billboards – Options & Sizes

6 Sheet (1.8m x 1.2m)

  • Located on high traffic roads & pedestrian areas
  • Target customers directly in busy shopping areas
  • Backlit display for 24 hour visibility
  • Free standing or wall-mounted

16 Sheet (3m x 2m)

  • Ideal for displaying directions to your business location
  • High impact, prominent advertising solutions
  • Located in highly urbanised locations

48 Sheet (3m x 6m)

  • The most recognisable billboard format
  • High levels of exposure
  • Located on main roads & traffic routes
  • Targeting customers when they are on the move

96 Sheet (3m x 12m)

  • Large format advertising which demands attention
  • The maximum impact option
  • For high profile brand exposure
  • Located in city centres & on major roads

Locations – Nationwide

  • Our billboards are located in prominent areas across the UK
  • This includes major cities, towns and motorways
  • We specialise in outdoor advertising in London and Home Counties


We have our own dedicated artwork department who are on hand to help plan and design your poster campaign. We can also accept your own artwork, whether it has been produced in-house or using a 3rd party but we would always recommend that you follow these tips on the best way to create an outdoor campaign:

  1. Visibility – Can the message be easily read? Where will it be displayed? Consider the landscape and lighting. Use colours and images that will contrast with the surroundings. Use ample spacing between words and lines. Keep the message and design simple.
  2. Viewing Time – Outdoor advertising usually requires your message to be communicated in a very short time. An effective message can be communicated in ten seconds or less.
  3. Font Size – Can the message be easily read from a distance? Most billboard outdoor advertising is viewed from passing vehicles and should be in clear, large fonts that can be read from a distance of at least 1,000 feet. Leave spaces between the letters to avoid a crowded appearance.
  4. Short Copy – Less is more! By using fewer words and keeping the message simple, the copy will be retained and more easily understood by the viewer.
  5. Contrasting Colours – Does the billboard stand out from the surroundings? Does the copy stand out from the background? Are you using contrasting colours on all of the elements? Using appealing colours and contrasting elements can make your message stand out.
  6. Intrigue – Does the message or image draw attention? Will a glance at the advertisement demand further investigation? Use provoking words and imagery to draw the readers attention to your advertisement.
  7. Single-Message Focus – Pinpoint your message and focus the advertisement on getting it to the reader. Do not try to force multiple messages on one billboard as that may create confusion.
  8. Attractive Ads – Using imagery along with the copy will help to attract the readers eye to the billboard. The use of images also helps to retain the message in the reader’s memory by creating an association between the image and the message. Using extensions to create unusual designs and shapes will make your billboard stand out from others around it. It will help to retain the message in the reader’s memory.
  9. Simple Layout – Keep the layout simple. If the layout is cluttered the message may be confusing or simply ignored.
  10. Call to Action – Is the call to action clearly found in the advertisement? Do the readers have all of the necessary information to make them want to respond to the advertisement?


Here at Reach Media, we believe that billboards can enhance and improve an area. They can screen the sides of buildings, hide redundant land or construction sites and be placed on land taking up very little space, all while providing income for the landowner.

Each new development receives unique consideration, with the most appropriate billboard product selected to fit the environment and the landowner’s needs. We ensure that the landowner/freeholder has the very best advantage to secure a greater income.


We consider our landowners our partners. Our property professionals develop lease programs that not only maximise landowners’ assets, but also help them cover property expenses. We help our partners get the most out of their property without interrupting business.

Income Source

Turn an inactive property into a revenue source. Rent payments from Reach Media ensure landowners with a steady source of income to help maximise property investments, pay for property taxes and increase the potential resale value.

Direct Deposit for Landowners

Reach Media offers landowners the convenience of direct deposit for lease payments.


Reach Media standards to build structurally sound and safe billboard structures. Versatile structure designs meet your specific property needs, while minimising the amount of required ground space to ensure no inconvenience to ongoing business operations.

Fully Insured

Reach Media is fully insured and holds you, the property owner, exempt from any claims for damage caused by our structures or employees.

No Cost

Reach Media is responsible for all installation, lighting and maintenance costs. We professionally install, illuminate and maintain the billboard structures on your property to ensure a quality appearance.

Working for a Better Community Partnership

We listen to feedback and concerns from our partners and the broader community. We are accustomed to evaluating property limitations (overhead power lines, underground cables, restricted access) and devising solutions that satisfy all involved. We strictly adhere to local ordinances to help preserve scenic beauty.

Good Advertising Practices

We support Outdoor Media and advertisers to promote legal products and services by providing:

  • Broad diversification of customers that advertise in the out-of-home medium
  • The right to reject advertising that is misleading, offensive or otherwise incompatible with individual community standards

If you have a potential town, city or motorway location please contact us on 0121 339 5989

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